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NewsChamber is launched in September 2018 and we are still very much in beta. We are correcting errors every day. Thank you for visiting our site.

About us

NewsChamber is a free but premium news and information aggregation website. We collect news articles from tens of thousands of trusted and curated sources and put the articles in 'NewsChambers'. This can be state NewsCambers like the NewsChamber of Alabama or related to a topic, like the NewsChamber of Politics. By using smart filters (we could use the word 'algorithms' here ;) ), we are able to provide visitors useful information. This can be information related to a city or county that the visitor is living in, news stories about their region or state or more detailed information like politics, business or sports. Certain information is interesting nation wide, like national news, sports, politics and business. These topics get their own NewsChambers as well. This makes it easy to keep up to date what the media are writing about a person, group or company.


Although fully dedicated to the US, NewsChamber.com is owned by Van Velden BV, a Dutch company.

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You can contact us via info@newschamber.com, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  • Total news sources: 20,516
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